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Been a bit. Went to Beach. Had fun. Came home. Life was normal. Went to Amanda's. Went to party. Got drunker than any human being has the right to be...was sick as a dog...came home early because I felt like death...will now kill Doug-the-fucker-who-was-gunning-for-me-in-drinking-games if I ever ever ever see his hideous face again. Realized yet again that me + pictures = DO NOT WANT...even worse when I'm drunk. Recovered. Still flinch at the sight/smell/thought of beer or liquor. Read lots of smut and went to work like normal. End of recap. Going to Steph's 4th cookout at her new townhouse probably. Since it's a weeknight and Brian will have to work it'll be me and Ari dropping in for a bit. Gonna bake cookies to take. Should be interesting at the least. My car door stopped latching shut today...makes me want to cry. Very badly. So it's in the parking lot with the door duct taped shut and I can't drive it anywhere which means I didn't get to go hang out with Amanda this weekend. And then when I shaved my legs I changed the razor blade and nicked the hell out of my legs. It was not a good day. But then I put a Pooh Bear band aid on it...got Le Farm asiago cheese bread...settled down with some nice smut with D/s overtones and had a nice big fat "Me Day". My hair is clean and fluffy and fun to play with and I'm happier now for it. All is not right with the world...but it's close enough to count for something.

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